Quote of the Week: Ludwig van Beethoven

Today, we receive the gift of weekly inspiration from one of the most admired composers in the history of Western music. 

How can we play a wrong note in our Mystery Performance context?
How can we play without passion in Mystery Performance?

To be clear, one thing is experience a moment of adjustment in our performance and another one is just failing completely, and be perceived as a incompetent performer. Mystery Performance demands excellence, and sometimes in being excellent you will play some wrong notes, no doubt, but that same mindset will allow you to be flexible and to never let people feel that you are not doing things right. 

People can feel our vibration, so if we break our pace and rhythm in performance, people will notice it.

Dont worry if you have some small mistakes. 
Keep your cool attitude and just flow.

What I love about this quote is the work "inexcusable" focusing now into the heart of the performance. We can do so many things, and we decide in that precise moment of the performance to share a mystery. If we will take that decision, our body, mind, soul and spirit must be in the here-and-now.

I assume that you feel passion for Mentalism right? 

So if you will perform, do the best in all levels possible. Choose the pieces that are communicating the message that you want to share,  practice the core methods, rehearse the full performance and be a compassionate self-critic to improve your next performance.

Our brain can receive some adjustments, but our mind must be always tuned to the inner and outer vibrations.

Have a musical and powerful week!



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