Quote of the Week: Juan Tamariz

Without a doubt, Juan Tamariz is one of the most powerful Magicians in the world, offering not just an unique style of performance but a beautiful vision of Magic as a systematic path. In his latest book "The Magic Rainbow" you will find a plethora of reflections and insights that can transform your depth of appreciation, especially in the symbolic aspect of Magic, which can be applied to Mentalism.

This beautiful quote show us the importance of love in everything that we do. A trick can be easy, but art is always complex because an artistic exploration demands energy, time and intention in order to be truly a piece of art and not just a pragmatic execution.

In this incredible video, you can learn more about his idea of the "Seven Veils of Mystery" in which "love" appears at the beginning and at the end, suggesting us the importance of understanding Mystery Performances as an cyclical dynamic. Love is the critical factor that separates an easy trick and a true piece of mysterious art.

The invitation then for this week is to reflect about these ideas and incorporate the importance of contemplation. See deeper, observe the mysteries of what we do and be aware that everything that we do is a way of love. Lets perfect that love to the art and to people everyday.

Thanks Juan for this beautiful insights!


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