Quote of the Week: Søren Kierkegaard


The father of Existencialism inspires us today with this powerful quote that focuses on "understanding" 

How much do you know?
How much do you understand?

Knowledge without understanding (experience) is completely hollow, and a mere intelectual accomplishment. We have the tendency to buy the "latest" release in order to be in the marketplace conversation and basically to "know more". Dont get me wrong, it is great to be curious but we need to be aware to the fact that only in "understanding" we will reach the full potential of ideas.

Understanding is feeling, embodiment, that immersive experience in which your are present both in conscious and unconscious, adding this deeper level of observation.

Knowing 10 different billet tear techniques doesnt creates better Mentalism. Yes, it gives you options, but if you dont use those tools in real world performance, those ideas are just intrapersonal stimuli.

During this week, explore the power of observing deeper in those possibilities of understanding. Choose one of your options (technique, a specific piece) and not just study and learn, but practice and rehearse with care and attention to detail. Play with the props and the ideas, in that mindset you will find ways to understand and to become.


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