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You can learn cool mind magic tricks in several places, but why Mentalism Center?

Because Mentalism 
is not just mind magic tricks.

We have an unique and powerful opportunity to create a credible experience of Mentalism for our audiences. If you want to reach new levels of connection and awareness to the real impact of Mentalism, knowing tricks is not enough.

That is why in Mentalism Center we focus also on the theory, philosophy and psychology of Mentalism. We understand that Mentalism is a craft, art and discipline that goes beyond tricks. New methods are always well received as creative new possibilities but the most important aspect of Mentalism is the deep observation of the extraordinary.

In Mentalism Center you will find free content, insights, reflections and powerful ideas that can transform your understandings and paradigms from the real world experiences of our family of authors.

Just search and you will find all the offerings and options.

Mentalism is a beautiful Mystery Performance artform and also a way of self-actualization. A personal path of learning and expanding.

Abraham Maslow said: "What a man can be, he must be" (man and woman) , and we know that in Mentalism Center you will find your real potential.



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