Quote of the Week: Teller

What a powerful quote, right?

Jokes aside, Teller shows us the potential of silent script and the applications of silence in performance.

With this I dont mean just performing with a folded card in your mouth, but the deeper explorations in terms of poetry and communication in silence.

How are you adding silence in your scripts?
How is your balance between words and no-words?

As an example, at Arkanosophy you will find "Silent" , a piece that has no verbal script, but pure non-verbal communication and indirection, in which you will be able to offer an interesting and experimental piece of Mentalism using sounds and no-sounds.

Another example of powerful silence can be observed during a moment of metal bending. We can suggest ideas and realities with words, but I found that  a genuine and powerful electric eye stare offers and ambiance of realism that is highly effective.

(this is one of the powerful techniques that we study in the Online Psychokinesis Workshop)

The invitation with this reflection then is to appreciate the power of silence as dramatic and communicational tool. 

To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent



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