Hermetism and Mentalism


The community of Mystery Performance is being awaken to the fact that tricks are not enough. 

Our Inner Reality of techniques and methods allow us to enter to the Outer Reality for our audiences, but the true students of Mentalism understand that this is just the beginning.

Anyone can buy the latest gimmick and get the "reactions" that the video trailer show you, but how can we go further?

Exploring the deeper and subtle aspects of Mystery Performance is not just a needed path, but the ethical one in order to truly invite our audience to a mysterious experience and not just a cute puzzle. 

There are many ways in which you can appreciate the genuine realms of Mentalism, one of them is Hermetism. This beautiful and powerful philosophical path that you can study and integrate to your common practices as performer.

No, you dont need to play the "mystery man" or pretend to be someone that you are not, on the contrary, this "root exploration" (concept from our Mentalism Course) will allow you to truly find your own inner voice and style, taking some powerful notions that Hermetism teaches us.

One simple example that you can study and contemplate (from the classic "The Kybalion"), is the First Hermetic Principle, which is called "The Principle of Mentalism" :

The All is mind; The Universe is Mental.

This has huge implications in practical ways in performance. One of them is to be aware to the fact that your inner state will affect to the Outer Reality created. This can be understood from the psychological view as "presence" or "authenticity", which is a powerful idea that just a few people are encouraging in Mystery Performance. 

It doesnt matter if your trick "fools everyone" or that the prop used is "examinable"...if you are not in a state of true connection and care, people will simple not connect and not care.

The Kybalion is a perfect text as initiation of these ideas, and you can get the digital version of this classic Hermetic book, for FREE

Last year we released the "Kybalion Book Test", which is part of our efforts to direct attention to this powerful text, with great features for performance

And, if you are interested in more ideas and insights about this powerful study of Hermetism as practical tool of understanding Mystery Performance, I will release soon a new Online Course that will offer you new observations an powerful applications to self-actualize your ways.


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