Quote of the Week: Aleister Crowley


Aleister Crowley, british occultist and self-proclaimed "wickedest man in the world" show us with this quote the power of personal experience as the ultimate learning and fundamental filter.

Mentalism as practice and artform offer us several approaches that you can explore. You can do Mentalism without any need of props, you can perform without gimmicks, you can create a mental miracle full with electronic gizmos and strange apparatus, and all sorts of other different ways.

"What is the best...?" is a classic novice question in Mentalism that we cant just answer in a true way. I know that experimentation is frightening for some people, but it is truly the only way in which you will find yourself in your approach.

Success for me is not the same as success for you, that is why we need to open to the experience of learning through personal contemplation and real world application. 

Go for it, ACT! DO! 

Study your personal interests, practice, rehearse, perform and receive feedback (from yourself, from a director or your audience)
Then repeat as an infinite cycle.

Find what works for you and repeat.

If you want to imitate others, be sure to imitate as conscious self-knowledge tool, so then you can deattach of those previous models, finding your own way.

So, this week, explore your own sense of "success" and let that feeling be the guide.


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