Quote of the Week: Carl Sagan

The awe-explorer Carl Sagan inspires us this week to integrate both the metaphysical and the physical in our understanding.

Philosophical dualism is  the common approach to modern thinking. Things are black or white. Life is either an experience of the visible or the invisible. The body and mind are separated. 

As we can know experientially each day, life is truly an exploration of the different grades of the polarity physical/metaphysical, which is supported by the holistic approaches of Hermeticism and Non-dualism, which are highly interesting notions that I invite you to study towards a deeper understanding of Mystery Performance.

We are indeed (in performance) submerged in a constant conversation between our physical actions and objects and the metaphysical implications of those interactions. A deck of cards is used to let other person think in a card. From that we create the telepathic experience. The physical object is an instrument, is not truly relevant in the experience.

In the same way that the Inner Reality is in service of the Outer Reality, the visible allows us to explore the realm of the invisible.

Science allows us to understand the spiritual realm in a direct manner. Knowledge is a beautiful path towards wisdom, especially if we keep our healthy skepticism while we open our mind to new possibilities. That is where we will do true advancements, out of our comfort zone of knowing.

That is why, in our latest videocourse "Metanoia" we focus in symbols as a way to re-understand Mystery Performance in deeper ways. Symbols are a very powerful language, in some ways even more powerful than words. If we change our ways, we will add new tools of interpretation

Science and spirituality can be good friends in our mind.
Is our decision to take.

Thanks Carl for your inspiration! 



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