Quote of the Week: Manly P. Hall

The first "Quote of the Week" of 2021 comes from Manly P. Hall, lecturer of all mystic and esoteric topics and author of the classic "The Secret Teachings of All Ages"

But Pablo... this is Mentalism, who cares about the studies of the mystery traditions and symbolism?

Well my dear reader, if you have this question in your mind, let me tell you that indeed in order to do magic tricks with a mental flavor, there is no need to study any of these deeper topics. You can buy the latest gimmick in your magic retail store and fool someone. If you dont care about this, there is no obligation. You can approach Mentalism in the way that you want, but let me tell you something simple.

If you want to really improve, the key is inside, not outside.

If you truly want to create a mysterious experience with your participant, the specific piece that you decide to perform is truly secondary. I have seen living legends in Mentalism performing the most "basic routine" and with that, creating a memorable experience of mystery.

Is not what you do, is WHO and WHY you do it, and you can only find the deeper answers to  those deeper questions in your own inner work.

That is why our first release of 2021 is "Metanoia", a new videocourse that can transform your understadings and elevate your mind, so you can approach Mentalism in a new and truly fascinating way.

You will learn techniques and simple practices from my own experience that you can apply in your own personal development, so you can tap your deeper potential in Magic and Mentalism.  Eugene Burger, Jeff Mc Bride, Kenton Knepper and several other powerful authors and performers are clear examples of what I am talking about. 

No, we dont need to invest decades of study of Hermeticism, Symbolism and other esoteric topics. We dont need to be the new Jungian expert in the world, but we can find new insights and awe-moments in the private space of our own reflections in company with these powerful ideas.

Language is a powerful tool for performance as you know, but symbols are deeper and they WILL impact your mind in an unique way. 

Thanks Manly P. Hall for all your inspiration !



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