Quote of the Week: Ricky Jay

A powerful quote from Ricky Jay, Master Magician and Sleight of Hand Expert, showing us the importance of keeping actions as respectable as possible in all possible situations as Mystery Performers.

In one line we can say: "Integrate the ethos of Mentalism in your actions" 

Who is a Magician or Mentalist? The one that just knows who do to tricks?

In any human practice, more than "knowing" and even "doing", the "ethos" of conduct and manners is the way to differentiate someone that truly is a student of the topic. All actions that we take are communicating our relation with the theme itself.

As a professional psychologist, I understand that knowing psychology is not enough. I need to behave in a way that reflects a proper attitude towards the practice.

What is the ethos in Mystery Performance? 
I will offer three guidelines that I can distillate after my years of experience 

-Dont copy other person act. Be inspired and always add your own originality. Only in that way you will be a powerful contribution in the lineage.

-Be a contribution to the community. Avoid mediocre attitudes, dont perform until you feel that you are truly prepared to honor the art. Practice and rehearse with proper focus.

-Focus in being positive with your colleague, or at least, dont be negative. 
If you disagree with someone, do it respectfully. 

The only thing that we can truly achieve is our own personal transformation, applying those ethos of conduct, towards improving and advancing this beautiful artform.

Thanks Ricky for your originality and direct words to us!


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