Quote of the Week: Chick Corea

Today, a powerful piece of wisdom from one of the greatest jazz musicians from modern times, reminding us the importance of understanding what we do from a deeper perspective. A perspective that liberate us from our own limits with our relation with creativity.

Do you feel creative?

Every person is creative in an unique way. Dont compare yourself with others, you have an unique opportunity to be yourself. Comparison only opens a mindset of competition, limiting our own creative exploration.

Yes, be inspired by others, learn to feel happiness from others achievements, and have fun creating your own path in Mentalism.

You dont need to be the next Peter Turner or the next Docc Hilford. Imagine your "future self" and go and meet that person!

Have fun and enjoy whatever comes. Your creative contribution doesnt need to be a new technique or gimmick, but a simple line that can change the moment of performance in something authentic.

Mentalism, Magic, Music, Theatre, all arts are beautiful excuses. Each person has his/her own style and art. Explore your own and you will understand how Mentalism can be your own way of self-development.

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Thanks Chick for all your beautiful music and wisdom.
Safe return to the forever. 


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