Quote of the Week: Salvador Dalí

A powerful quote from the master Surrealist Salvador Dalí, very pertinent to our own duties as Mystery Performer.

One of the misconceptions about surrealism is the translation of the concept from the original meaning. When we say that something is "surreal" we tend to refer to unreal, non-real or even sub-real, when the fact is that surrealism express a reality that goes beyond reality, showing the reality of the imagination and dreams as "super reality".

Surrealism is full with meaningful confusion and images that remind us that the symbolic is the origin of the forms. Ordinary reality is the shadow-play, the symbolic is the actual hands doing the shadows.

This sounds like a silly question, but is your Mentalism mysterious?

One of the key factors of differentiation of Magic and Mentalism with other arts is this explicit sensation of awe and wonder that can lead towards a state of mystery and appreciation for not-knowing as part of the human existence.

How can we inject mystery to our performances?

By not-doing. 

Dont do more, do less and observe how the symbol behind the performance and interactions speaks. Study the subtext of your piece and just use your words when needed. Use silence as a powerful tool of communication and most importantant, BE mysterious.

People love mystery, let them enjoy our mysteries.

Gracias Maestro por tu sanadora locura.



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