Quote of the Week: René Magritte

This week, we invite the great René Magritte in our "Quote of the Week" section. A powerful observation about the inherent mystery in art that sometimes we forget. 

All arts contains mystery and magic. All human practices can express the wonderful capacities of the human race to encounter excellence and authenticity.

Our Mystic Arts and Mystery Performances offer the world an unique opportunity to encounter mystery as the core theme. We are the ones that can remind our audiences that mystery is real and part of our daily life.

Do you know the work of Magritte? He understood in a fantastic, playful and surreal way the mystery behind our life experience. Strange images, impossible situations, colorful dreams and super-real realities are alive in his work.

Are you being a true mystery worker, or just a trick worker?

Dont get me wrong, we are also tricksters, but with the potential of deeper meaning, and thats the constant invitation of Magic and Mentalism. Dont just do, but BE.

BE Magic
BE Mentalism

From that ontological understanding of yourself as the mystery entity, your performances WILL improve naturally towards deeper appreciation of the subtle aspects of Mystery Performance.

Silence, non verbal communication, true mind skills that can offer genuine realism to your experiences, and all the other subtle secrets that you need to activate in your own practice.

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Thanks René for your wonderful imagination and mystery.



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