Quote of the Week: Robert Nelson

Robert Nelson, one of the  (undeground) essential authors in Mentalism and Psychic Entertainment, in his masterpiece "Enciclopedia of Mentalism" (that you can buy at Lybrary.com HERE)  reminds us of a powerful point that sadly due the trivialization of the mystic arts it sounds like too progressive (when in reality is the original way).

Whatever premise you offer in performance, be sincere. If you offer telepathic experience, do it from a place of genuine practice and not just as a "deceiver". Who wants to be deceived?

But Pablo, I dont have psychic powers, how can I be "honest"?

Mentalism shows us something very powerful. WE DONT NEED any type of supernatural abilities in order to create an experience!
It doesnt matter if PSI is a real phenomena or a misperception from our part, thanks to our wonderful techniques and technologies we can indeed bend metal using our energies, create invisible connections, observe a potential future, and all the mind phenomena that you want to communicate!

That is why in our "Mentalism Course" we observe in detail your inner narratives so you can truly share a performance that is sincere and mysterious.

As Robert says "remain in character" is not about faking a skill that you dont have, but keeping the reality of your performance even after the performance is done.

If you want to read minds,you need to understand your "what, hoy and why?"
If you want to bend coins, you need to understand your "what, hoy and why?"

Any phenomena in performance must have a clear subtext from your part, so every action comes from a true place of authentic expression. An an example, Robert was not only a performer of mysteries but also he did astrological work so his Mentalism and Psychic Entertainment in the precognitive phenomena was without a doubt, influenced by his genuine understanding.

We can do the same. If you enjoy offering telepathic experiences, study the state of the art in PSI phenomena. If you enjoy offering experiences of coincidences and connection, study synchronicities and other topics that can truly inspire you without a naive understanding of what you are doing in your Outer Reality.

The authentic exploration in your Inner Reality can guide you towards this important aspect of Mystery Performance.

Are you interested in exploring your repertoire in such a way that you 
can truly understand yourself and offer an unique experience?

Well, the Mentalism Course is for you! (and if you need a special scholarship, in April I will be able to offer three spots at a discounted price)

Thanks Robert for remind us the way of performing mystery!



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