Dermovision Variant

If you know the piece "Dermovision" (that you can learn at my Penguin Lecture and E5P) you can understand this variant that I performed yesterday during a casual virtual performance.

Because the narrative of the original demands physical presence, I needed to change some small aspects.  For this, I claimed that in my index finger I have a surprise for the near future, hidden below a ring. Now I showed my participant the 5 ESP cards, using the "Dermovision" procedure to select one of the 5 symbols.

As soon as my participant says "there", I asked her:

"You saw moments ago the symbols...can you intuitively feel which is the symbol"

She said : "Mmmm. the waves"

I slowly lifted the small packet of cards, and it was indeed the wavy lines!

But as final surprise, I took my ring showing a tattoo of the wavy lines!

So in this experience we have a potential true moment of intuitive knowing and the final prediction.

You dont need a tattoo of course, just use a written prediction or any other similar way.

Lets keep Mentalism alive! People need the reminder that we are still connected even when we are far away.



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