Quote of the Week: Kenton Knepper

There are a lot of fantastic creative Mentalists around the world, but there are no many deeper sources of true mature understanding of symbolism and mysteries in Mystery Performance. My friend and mentor Kenton Knepper is a powerful inspiration not just for myself but for many around the world.

A classic notion in several wise texts say that "babies drink milk and adults eat meat", which is a reference to the importance of growing up from the reductionistic and simplistic notions and evolve to deeper observations. We have enough tricks in Mentalism that are really just one basic level of learning. If you want to advance in your studies, you need to go towards deeper subjects such as symbolism, self development, drama classes, deeper psychologies and other conversations that you can only get in personal relation with a competent guide.

If we are not aware of the importance of effective communication, influence, suggestion and symbolism, we will just do tricks without any awareness of the potential of them. 

Now, this quote from Kenton is confusing to many: "How can I understand something without rationality?" you may ask. 
True understanding is not just knowing, but embodying by intimate experience. By definition, a symbol is a token of mysterious meaning. They dont just work as signs, with structured objective meaning, but symbols are alive entities that are essentially unknown (Robert Edinger talks more about this in "Ego and the Archetype" if you are interested) 

So, in order to truly understand symbols you need to experience them, observe them in your daily life and contemplate them so you can project your own mind in them. 

Kenton offers great training for all levels in his site wonderwizards.com , go and check his services! 

At Mentalism Center we offer several online course. If you are a beginner, the Mentalism Course is for you, and if you want to go deeper into symbolism, "Metanoia" is the course for you, using those four interesting symbols in practical ways for Mystery Performance. 

There are some fundamental aspects of being a Mentalist that cant be said, not because of lack of linguistic competence, but because they go beyond explanation. They are mysteries that can reveal to you, in a slow manner, as soon as you are open to receive those new insights.

If you are ready, join us and book your "Metanoia" sessions! 

Thanks Kenton for your constant inspiration! 



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