Quote of the Week: Bob Cassidy

The Master Mindreader is still with us as soon as we focus on him and his wonderful teachings. His work is full of gems, waiting for you to understand them.
This quote comes from his "Principia Mentalia", which you can get in HERE 

The core of this idea is one that we spread several times in different ways in Mentalism Center. You can check other previous "Quote of the Week" from Annemann, Harry Lorayne and reflections using the "Birreal" approach to Mystery Performance to understand in different ways this essential aspect of the reality of performance.

Lets ponder this simple notion: Our grandfathers of Mentalism didnt have all the technological advancements of today, still they created legends and powerful realistic experiences of Mentalism.

So...all new innovations are not truly needed, as a matter of fact, they can even distract us from the simple notion that we ALREADY have the needed tools to create beautiful and impactful moments. 

It is not what you do in the Inner Reality, but what you let them experience in the Outer Reality.

In the Outer Reality we can design that "belief" that Bob is talking. That understanding of the experience as real, facilitating a wonderful paradox that opens the mysterious essence of what we can do.

Practice and rehearse your methods so well that you dont need to focus in them during perfomance. Only in this way, you will be able to focus in performance in designing connection, narratives and experiences for your audiences, in which the "effect" is not even the center of the experience, but a catalyst for deeper conversations (fruits).

Do you want to learn more about this fundamental aspects? Book your "Mentalism Course" and let me guide you towards your deeper potential (if you are reading this, let me know and I will give you 50% OFF 🤫

Thanks Bob for your powerful legacy! 



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