Quote of the Week: Milton Erickson

 Milton Erickson, a master hypnotherapist and change-worker reminds us this week the importance of action.

Are you DOING something different this year to truly change your path in Mystery Performance?

How can we wait new results if we dont ACT? 

The magic of an insight comes from time to time, and without a doubt those epiphanic moments can be a catalyst of outer action that leads towards change, but as the master says, insight is an outer source that cant be the only source of motivation. We need to put ourselves outside the comfort zone, doing something new, to truly start a new path of exploration and discovery.

Dont wait for something outside, use your energies in new constructive ways towards your own expansion as Mystery Performer.

Milton Erickson was precisely like that. HE DID personalized work with each patient and person. He understood the principles of indirect communication and suggestion in such masterful way, that each experience was spontaneously created through the same moment of action. He find artistry in the hypnotic phenomena that allows us to understand a little bit deeper the wonderful mystery of the mind. 

That is why at Mentalism Center you will find several Online Courses and one-on-one workshops. All classic media of learning (eBook, Book, Video, etc) are great ways, no doubt, but there is nothing like private and personalized lessons.

TAKE different actions TODAY and allow new insights in your life. Dont wait for the inspiration and DO.

Thanks Dr. Erickson for your constant inspiration! 



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