Quote of the Week: Martin Scorsese

A simple truth, from the master film director and screenwriter Martin Scorsese.

Right now, observe in a critical way your scripts. Imagine that you are being your own director, and you see your performance.

Are you just describing the actions that you are doing in performance?

One of the weakest points in any Mystery Performer is the script. The understanding of communication and language as a technical dimension in performance is essential in order to bring deeper impact. As Scorsese says, if you invest your time in your scripts, making them completely unique and authentic to your own ways, you will reach a new level of interaction and connection.

We can add personal anecdotes, language and poetic dynamics that we enjoy, personal opinions about the themes that we use in performance (without being preachy of course), open and mysterious reflections to let our audience wonder, and so much more!

But sadly ,most of the time our "scripts" are just descriptives ones.

Lets see a simple example, using  the "Serendipity Deck" from the No Briefcase Act  

"In here I have a deck of cards , name one card.
5 of Spades? 
In here I have two jokers with something written on the back.
5 of Spades..."


"52 unique possibilities, two jokers with a surprise...lets facilitate a serendipity, a mysterious moment of encounter with unknown richness.
Close your eyes for a moment while you hold this deck, and imagine those two jokers playing in a beautiful space...and you can see now that they have a funny looking shirt. One of the shirts shows a value of playing card, like Ace or 9 or Queen, and the other a suit...
Tell me which specific card do you see...
5 and Spades...
Open your eyes and hand me the deck...As you can see we have in here two jokers, and each one is not wearing a shirt of course but they contain a secret at the back...
a 5 and a Spades...
A beautiful serendipity, and a powerful imagination"

As you can see, the 2nd script adds imaginative and hypnotic additions that can enhance not just the script but the overall experience of the participant.

Play with your own interests, abilities, ideas and infuse your scripts with your own mind.

As soon as you are aware that the script is indeed a fundamental aspect of each performance piece and not just "blabla", we will reach a new level of understanding full of richness and potential.

Thanks Mr. Scorsese for your simple and powerful quote!


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