Quote of the Week: Marie-Louise von Franz

 Today we receive inspiration from Marie-Louise von Franz, Jungian Psychologist and expert in dream interpretation.

As students of the mysteries of the mind, we have a powerful source of inspiration and possibilities in dreams. Normally in performance we use the theme of dreams as a non-credible opening for predictions ("I had a dream last night...") but we have a lot of other possibilities, such as dream interpretation, using dreams in Q&A and much more.

Are you aware of your dreams? It is a common practice to keep a "dreams journal" in order to write our oneiric journeys, and in my own experience, dreams are a powerful source of creative ideas, images, scripts and other types of resources.

At Mentalism Center you will find Emma Wooding-The Signal and our "Virtual Book Test" which uses the theme of "lucid dreaming" 

If you are interested in the fascinating topic of dreams, I highly suggest you to study the work of Marie-Louise von Franz and many other authors that can offer you powerful insights in order to reach authenticity in your performance.

If you reflect upon this, we are literally 1/3 (or 1/4 if you sleep 6 hours) of our life in the sleeping mode, so if you are conscious about your dreams, you will be able to open your mind to the symbolic realm in deeper ways.

Thanks Marie-Louise for your wonderful inspiration! 


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