Quote of the Week: A. E. Waite

This week, a powerful insight from mystic and poet Arthur Edward Waite, co-creator of the Rider–Waite tarot deck (also known as Rider–Waite–Smith or Waite–Smith deck).

There is a new trend in Magic and Mentalism regarding Tarot, and for that reason we need to be very clear in our understanding of this powerful tool. If you dont study symbolism in a true way (not just "made up stuff"), you will just use the Tarot in a superficial and false way.

In order to fully appreciate the opportunities that the Tarot offers us as Mystery Performer it is essential to go deeper the common ground of knowledge, and enter into the realm of personal experience and contemplation. That is why we offer with each order of our Arkanosophy Tarot some fundamental notions of Tarot, so you can start your path in these studies with more than just the "meanings of the cards".

It is great to know rationally, but with Tarot and symbolism we need to go deeper into the mysteries of the unconscious, the abstract, the archetypes, and the chaotic and beautiful realm of symbols in order to truly touch the potential of our performances and interactions.

Symbols are embedded in the fabric of every act of language, that is why if you want to go deeper into practical symbolism for Mystery Performers, "Symbolic Artifacts" is the book for you.

So the invitation for this week is to open your "symbolic awareness" not just into the Tarot, but everything that you experience. Notice how different symbols emerge in your daily reality, and add them into your consciousness so you can understand them in deeper ways.


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