Quote of the Week: Stephen King

Stephen King visits us again at the "Quote of the Week" with a powerful insights about fiction, lies and truth. 

If we dont learn and reflect about concepts and definitions, sometimes our own pre-conceptions can limit our understanding. As Mystery Performers, we constantly tell stories, metaphors and fictions. Sometimes our fictions are grounded in personal experiences and memories, and sometimes they are fruits of our imagination.

Mentalism is not real as an apple or as a table, but is real in the platonic reality of ideas. Some say that fiction and myths are hyper-real, going to a deeper level beyond the duality of and true and false statements. 

Maybe you cant predict the future in the stereotypical sense, but you can create an experience in which you can an in archetypical sense. That is why Birrealism is so powerful to understand the nature of performance. In our Inner Reality we cultivate methods, secrets and ways in which we can present a new fictional space of powerful possibilities in the Outer Reality 

All arts and sciences are stories and perspectives. The truth cant be told, that is why we use Magic or Mentalism to share our own real fiction that feels "true enough". 

Dont lie to your audience, be sincere, authentic and share powerful realities. 
All stories are fictional, even if they actually occur. 

Remember, at the core of everything is Magic. Magic is as real as your ordinary reality. Explore, play and open your mind to new insights.

Thanks Mr. King for your beautiful inspiration! 


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