Quote of the Week: Gabi Pareras

Today we invite Gabi Pareras to the "Quote of the Week",  powerful Magician and Philosopher, essential pillar from the Spanish school of Magic. He was not only the founder of the "Fictional" movement, but a creative thinker from which we can receive new reflections and insights.

Sometimes we assume that verbal language is the only way of language, so the more we talk, the better...right?

The best way to influence other is to facilitate self-influence, and Gabi understood this in the context of a performance in a simple and beautiful way. As we talk in "Symbolic Artifacts", every act of communication is symbolic, so everything that we do already contains meaning. Our role then is observing our intentions and channel them in the most effective way. Silence is the ultimate space of opportunities and potential, so in simple words: "Shhh..."

You dont need to say everything that you do, you dont need to "convince" your participant. We need to stay in a balance between saying and not saying, allowing the symbolic implications of our actions to communicate ideas that just cant be expressed through words. Use direction and indirection in order to facilitate the purest mystery possible.

For this social dynamic, is essential that the participant feels the new mysterious reality happening. The participant needs to trust you as performer, so the rational mind becomes open to the non-rational (fictional), allowing new realities to occur.

This week, re-observe the script of one of your performaces pieces, and reduce the script to a minimum. Be aware of your words and you non-verbal languages so you are in that balance between sounds and silence.

Thanks Gabi for your beautiful Magic and insights! 



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