Quote of the Week: Miles Davis

Master jazz artist Miles Davis reminds us today the creative potential of each day, and how we can focus in order to bring new ideas and insights in our Mystery Performance path (if you watch my Penguin Lecture, you can see other quote from Miles that I love) 

Each human being contains an unique way of creativity. If someone told you that you are not creative, just watch your basic body function to be aware that every one of us is creative even without full attention. Life sustains itself in a cyclical manner (autopoiesis), and that is an unconscious creative act that shows us our potential.  Some people can brainstorm for hours with original ideas, others are creative in other aspects of performance, but in every corner of our activities we can pour a little bit of our own authentic creativity, so our outer actions can feel genuine and full of personal ideas.

Personally, I prefer to focus my creativity in scripts and specific lines that can contain deeper meaning and not just in new methods or ways to achieve the imagined phenomena. Sometimes a novel way to create an experience appears, and on rare ocasions, a fascinating principle takes new form.

Each day, each moment, contains novelty that we can contemplate and bring to life, with our own creative potential.

This week, explore your own creativity, be focused into this task (that implies to avoid common distractions) and experience your creative mind in a new way.

Thanks Miles for your powerful insights and innovations.



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