Quote of the Week: Pythagoras

Today, we invite the greek wisdom to influence us. Pythagoras is well known for his mathematics, but if you study in a deeper way his work, you will be surprised...

How many times you enter to a robotic state during performance and you just start to say words and words and words without true meaning?

Silence is a powerful communicational tool that we rarely use. We feel that in order to pretend expertise, we need to fill the space with sounds and words. True students of the Mystery Performances understand the power of well-crafted scripts and moments of conscious silence, that opens new opportunities of deeper impact.

Without words we can communicate ideas that we cant communicate with words. Language in itself is a dualistic dynamic, but in silence we can find an interesting essence of non-dualism and unity. In your next performance, add meaningful silence before your revelation, or during your telepathic process (Silence as artifact is observed also in Symbolic Artifacts

This week, take one of your favorite pieces of Mentalism, write the script and then record your rehearsal. You will notice the meaningless words to take off, and that in itself will open new spaces for meaningful silence and words.

Have a great week full of meaningful words and silences !


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