Quote of the Week: Aldous Huxley

Today our guest is Aldous Huxley, writer and philosopher.

Human beings are proud to be apparently rational beings, but our inner nature says otherwise. We are in essence emotional and irrational, that is why Mystery Performance is such an enchanting art for audiences. They "know" that this is not real, but at the same time they FEEL that this is real. Is that beautiful paradox that reminds us that rationality is the surface of emotionality. 

Mentalism is all about mystery, not about tricks, deception or "fooling" others.  We dont need to "justify" or "rationale" our actions, but let them flow naturally and congruently. If we try to convince, force and push a particular idea, we will act in detriment of the mystery.  

Dont explain, and DO.
That is why is Mystery Performance and not Mystery Telling.

If you master your irrationality and your rationality in a balanced way, you will create an experience for your audience that is both well planned and spontaneous

Thanks Aldous for your irrationality! 



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