Quote of the Week-Aristotle

A powerful insight from one of the fundamental philosophers.

How is your education? I dont mean "formal" one, but the one that you cultivate each day by your own will.

Are you educating your mind with good ideas?
Are you educating your heart with powerful actions?

One of the misunderstandings of most Mentalist is the assumption that Mentalism is just about thoughts and rational dynamics. Indeed, we can do a very boring and uninteresting performance if we just show tricks and mental puzzles without any attention to the emotional aspect.

We need to always balance both rational and emotional in order to truly advance in effective manners. Is not about what you do but HOW and WHY you do it, and if we only consider rational aspects we will always reach a lower level of impact and interaction.

Educate your mind and heart in deep ways so your Mystery Performance becomes a new integral experience. Technique is not just mechanical or psychological, but also emotional and spiritual.

When we open this metaphysical possibilities, we can re-understand the mind not just as rational, but as awareness and consciousness.

The invitation for your inner work this week is to observe your emotional techniques, your emotional management and utilization so you can expand your possibilities in performance. If you need one-on-one guidance and coaching, be sure to check our "Online Services" and choose the course that fits your needs 

Thanks Aristotle for your wisdom!



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