Quote of the Week: Stan Lee

We invite the genius creator of universes, Stan Lee.
 A visual storyteller, sculptor of the new ways of old myths, with a beautiful quote full of wisdom towards the inherent nature of all heroes, his/her own weakness. 

A perfect god is boring, a flawless superhero is not dramatic, a Mentalist without a clear understanding of his/her own weakness as persona is not human enough.

What are your limitations as Mentalist?
Can you bend metal? Can you connect with others through telepathy? Are you able to influence decisions? Are you able to predict futures?

We need to say "no" in order to say "yes" in a conscious way.

Your own limitations can draw a needed line so your mind becomes a field of potential and not just infinite space of unintegrated characteristics.

1.Write your own story as a Mentalist
In that way you will explore the deeper understanding of your persona as Mentalist.
Describe what you, how you do it (from the Outer Reality) and WHY you do it
Describe images of your performances
In the creation of a short biography you will be able to polish your understanding of Mentalism in a beautiful manner.

2. Write your abilities and your limitations

For example
 I can influence decisiones but I cant predict the future.
I can hypnotize someone but I cant bend metal
I can do readings but I can read minds

Limitations are inherent, lets embrace them!

Thanks Stan for your stories!



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