Quote of the Week: Joseph Campbell


Learning is at the other side of your fears. 

Joseph Campbell, the master of mythology and comparative religion invites us to go out of our comfort zone, to embrace the unknown and our potential of victory.

We are, you are the hero of our own journey. You can also be the antagonist or a 2nd role in your story, but we have a conscious decision to make. You are the one that can be empowered to reach the higher and deeper potential possible.

Yes, transformation is complex, challenging and full of constant playful exploration. It is full of feedback (no mistakes) and uncertainty, and that is Life.  

Each day in Mystery Performance is an opportunity to go beyond, to learn new ways, to share your mysteries with others. Yes, performance can be a hard task, and maybe you suffer from excessive nervousness, and that is fine!

If you notice that in your own experience, remember the power of rehearsal. Only in that space (performance without audience) you will learn new skills that can assist you through performance. 

Years ago someone asked me: "Pablo, when I perform my hands shake a lot...how can I change this?" 

The answer is simple: DONT CHANGE it! Embrace that experience and utilize it as a way. 

"Sometimes when we enter to this telepathic experiences my hands start to shake a little bit but dont worry, is all part of this..."

This is a fascinating line that integrates your own experience of nervousness as part of the experience. This line is not only for your participant and audience, but most importantly, for yourself. You will teach your unconscious that is fine to shake but it is not needed anymore. After some iterations, your unconscious will understand that all is fine and the shakes will naturally disappear.

Fear is normal, is natural. What is limiting your experiences is to be fearful of your fears. Talk to your fears with courage and you will integrate them as potential.

Find your treasures!

Thanks Joseph for your constant inspiration 


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