Quote of the Week: Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso offers us today a beautiful understanding of the creative path and the intrinsic value of "playing" as psychodynamic. 

A 4-years old just play. She doesnt care about "doing it right" but exploring and understand that every dynamic offers an unique space of self-knowledge and playful learning.  We need to learn the rules so we can break them with a clear purpose. 

The idea is not to be "child again" but to be the union between the archetype of the fool and the sage and the same time, allowing experience to craft our inner  "wise child", full of the initial curiosity, adding the formal and technical experience that the first half gives you.

Learn Mentalism in a dedicated and systematic way (the Mentalism Course is a powerful tool for learning the essentials) for that and always keep in your mind the fundamental importance of joyful experience. Life is not just competition to win but a complex and beautiful collaboration.

Thanks tocayo for your powerful art! 


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