Quote of the Week: Robert Nelson

The Master Robert Nelson in his seminal "Encyclopedia of Mentalism" (you can get it in HERE) offer us a powerful basis of understanding for the student of Mentalism and Psychic Arts.

If you came from a "magic background", you need to consciously unlearn several cliches actions, words and fundamental axioms in order to truly perform Mentalism in a deeper manner. Normally when I met magicians they dont have any empty pocket. Always they need to keep "an act in his wallet" or "X minutes of material". Although this is fun and feels empowering, we need to go deeper and understand that it is not about the props, but the ideas. Is not about the physical, but the metaphysics that are communicated through the objects.

All Mystery Performers (not just Mentalists of course) can reach a level in which they dont need to DO Magic or Mentalism, because they ARE Magic and Mentalism.

Dont just do, BE.

Be the one prepared to share a little bit of mystery, with our without performance.
Embody the archetype of the shaman, the artist of the psyche, the elegant showman of mysteries. It is not about being "100% propless all the time" of course, but being able to perform anytime anywhere, if you feel appropiated. 

Not just for social/amateur performers, but also for professionals. The cultivation of a prepared mind is a powerful value.

Practical recommendation: This 2022 prepare a simple act that only uses borrowed props (if you want one fully prepared, you can study "Simply Mental" for the full exploration, the   "Anywhere Mentalism" eBook or  "Anywhere Act Lecture" 

Explore the power of your mind and become your best self through the path of excellence.

Thanks Robert! 



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