Quote of the Week-Albert Camus

Lets receive inspiration today from Albert Camus, philosopher and author of great insights about the human condition and the beauty of the absurd.

Are you an intellectual?
Do you read your own mind?

 Originally "intellect" comes from the Latin intelligere (inspired by the greek "Nous"), which means “to understand”, which goes beyond rational knowing.

Sometimes our definitions are too enclosed in duality. I am either an emotional or rational, I am either a magician or a mentalist, I am the watcher or the watched.

That is called a dualistic mind, a dual paradigm or a "non-integral" approach to the Self, which is convenient but very limited in the deeper exploration of potential.

Yes, you can be both a Magician and a Mentalist (understanding differences so you can honor both arts in their own unique ways)
You can be both the watcher and the watched
You can be both an emotional and rational human being.

The invitation from Camus observation is to transform our mind towards a non-dual mind, an integral paradigm of true understanding in which we can reconcile the apparent paradox of being both the watcher and the watched.

In one word: "reflection".

Reflection is the constant practice that you can apply in order to integrate both your rational and emotional mind towards a better performance, each day, one reflection at a time. Reflection is "reading your own mind"

This week, take some moments to reflect about your understanding of Mentalism, your role in Mentalist and simple actions that you can do in order to continue your path of learning and advancements. 

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