Quote of the Week: Iris Murdoch

Today, we invite Irish-British novelist and philosopher Iris Murdoch with this powerful insight for us as Mystery Performers. 

What is the fantasy, the narrative, the illusion that allows us to bring a new felt reality in our performance?

What is fascinating about this integrative understanding is that we dont need to fall into the classic categories of "illusionism" or "credibility" as opposites, but as constant co-existences. What we do is both an illusion and a reality, because all realities are illusions and all illusions are realities.

Being credible in performance, offering a powerful and beautiful magical moment, or a elegant and artistic experience of telepathy doesnt need to be shared with egocentrism or "proving" that you have some type of skill. What we do through our powerful techniques is to create a reality that metaphorize the principles of the mind and the mysteries that we can explore with our audience.

Go beyond illusions, and offer allusions.
It is great to do effects, but observe your affects.
If every reality is an illusion, lets create the most realistic illusions possible, so our audience feels the reality of the metaphors.

If you want to learn more about this, the Mentalism Course and our books can guide you towards deeper and higher insights about the potential of Magic and Mentalism.

Thanks Iris for your inspiration! 



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