Quote of the Week: Leonardo da Vinci

 This week we invite the Italian polymath Leonardo Da Vinci, reflecting about the ultimate importance of action, manifestation and creation in order to complete the artistic task.

There are many Mentalism collectors, aficionados and theoretical thinkers, but Mystery Performance is about Performance. As I constantly state, if you dont perform, you cant call yourself Mentalist. You NEED to push through shyness, transform your excuses into useful energy,  go and perform. Share your fantastic narratives and experiences, explore the potential of your action.

Now, if you dont want, it is complete fine, and you can still study Mentalism as a great hobby, but if you want to expand, performance IS the only way.

In order to create a powerful performance in an excellent and effective manner, you need first to cultivate your Inner Reality. By that I mean read, study, play, practice, rehearse, be ready. In that manner as soon as the opportunity appears, you will be able to create a powerful and novel moment of mental mystery.

If you are a professional performer, you know that nervousness is part of the game. The problem is not in the emotion, but how we manage the emotion. As soon as you pass through fear, you will find the reward only if your inner process was excellent so the outer process becomes a natural flourishing of that Inner Reality.

Go beyond, push yourself daily and observe the results. And of course, at Mentalism Center we are always supporting you with our books, digital products, props at Arkanosophy and Online Courses.

Thanks Leonardo for the inspiration! 


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