Quote of the Week: Theo Annemann

Powerful words from our grandfather Theo Annemann, from Practical Mental Effects (that you can read for FREE in HERE) , words that still hold great truth, as far as my own experience in Mentalism today.

An interesting question, from all this is: 

What is the difference in, an emotional sense, 
between Magic and Mentalism? 

Magic and Mentalism have a lot in common, no doubt, but Theo in here is giving us the insight that there are also clear differences that allow audiences to understand the difference of a magical moment and a mental mystery. The outer explosion of astonishment and the inner implosion of uncertainty.

Mentalism has a fascinating potential of being an experiential metaphor of deep mental realities and principles. We can summarize the power of our mind to connect with others using a simple and direct telepathic experience, or adding a beautiful moment of playful interaction (performing a prediction piece) that communicates the power of influence and subtle suggestion.

Mentalism is a powerful practice not just in the way of performance, but also as a huge hobby, practice and discipline that opens for your a new space of self-knowledge and potential.
Mentalism can be a 2nd profession, a new source of income, the artistic excuse to connect with potential readings, and much more!

Magic is beautiful and it is a powerful artform, but Mentalism has this unique sense, flavor and impact that makes it an art that demands compromise and deep study. 

If you are interested in exploring Mentalism in powerful and simple ways, be sure to check our "Online Courses" and "Books" , in this way you can find new ideas that can inspire you to find your own unique way in Mentalism.

Thanks Theo for your constant inspiration



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