Quote of the Week: Luca Volpe

Today we invite the amazing Luca Volpe to the Quote of the Week (from his Emotional Mentalism book

Do you perform what you believe?

If you believe in the power of psychology and influence, explore that!
If you believe in the potential of gemstones as tools in performance, explore that!

Belief is a word that sometimes is inherently rejected by some "skeptics" that try to avoid any type of metaphysics (which is a terrible understanding of skepticism because everything contains metaphysic implications) but the invitation today is to associate this concept to "authenticity".

Perform what flows naturally from your own expression.

Do you want to reach a deeper impact in your performance? Perform in your own authentic manner. Imitate just at the beginning and use that initial path as a way of self-knowledge. Then perform what YOU believe as truth.

Anything can be not just believable, but relevant, interesting and enchanting.
Whatever you do, do it for real. Technique is secondary, always an audience must FEEL that the experience has the uncertainty of being a reality.

Explore your own enchantment and share through your performance your meanings.

Thanks Luca for your inspiration! 



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