Quote of the Week: Carl Jung

Today we invite the master Carl Jung into our "Quote of the Week" with a powerful insight about the exquisite nature of authenticity. 

Mentalism can be a beautiful artform and discipline that shows you the power of your own essence, your own ways. For this is essential to first learn the rules, so then you can bend them with clear meaning.

If you have the "Authentic Performance" Videcourse , you know that imitation is a valid way of self-knowledge, but after that we need to beyond imitation. You already learn a "way", now do your inner work and find "your way".

A new theme in your performance, maybe a subtle change in technique, maybe a new narrative in your script, maybe you want to share a short personal story, all those creations can infuse your performance with authenticity.

Take this privilege, learn the essentials so you are now focus in performance about that. All aspects of your Inner Reality must be completely absorbed in your unconscious so you can focus in performance in your conversation, interaction and presence.

Our master Bob said that he can do his act while sleeping, and that is precisely the technical path towards authenticity. Learning the trick is ONLY the beginning. As soon as you are "ready to perform" you can explore your own path of self-expression.

Thanks Dr. Jung for your archetypal inspiration!


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