Quote of the Week: Milton Erickson

The hypnotic master Milton Erickson offers us today a powerful reminder about the importance of willingly reflect our understandings in order to go beyond certainties and explore new possibilities and potentials.

Confusion normally is a state that we reject, we assume that "clarity" is the value and confusion is unneeded, which is a classic tendency embedded in our way of thinking and understanding. The masculine has the stronger appeal while the feminine is rejected as "bad".

As soon as we understand the fundamental importance of embracing both clarity and confusion, the rational and emotional, knowing and reflection, we can integrate those chaotic experiences as needed in order to truly learn.

In our "Hypnosis Online Course" you will be able to learn fascinating and simple approaches towards hypnosis that can give you the appreciation to both clarity and confusion, direction and indirection. 

If you think that Mentalism is just tricks, indeed you will move through Mentalism as if everything is fooling, deception and pretending to be real but if you open your mind towards deeper explorations in which every technique is intentioned to a deeper goal than just performing a trick, you will indeed find new methods, new techniques, new fascinating ways in which you can poor your authenticity.

Go beyond, explore the true potential of your mind and infuse your performance with powerful and authentic realism

If you want to learn more about the power of reflection and your unique potential, check your  "Authenthic Performance" VideoCourse!

Thanks Dr. Erickson for your transce-ndental inspiration!



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