Quote of the Week: William Shakespeare

A beautiful insight for us from drama master William Shakespeare (The Bard).
In the same way that we are Mystery Performers onstage, we are Mystery Experiencers outside the theatrical space.

We are mere actors, playing the part of our character. In narrative psychology we understand this is a powerful transformative idea. We can transform our script, our subtext, even our persona (persona=mask from greek theatre)

If you have experience in performing, you can see in yourself the transformation as Mystery Performer. If you are a Mentalist today, most probable you started with Magic as discipline, and that change needs a change in your own understanding.

You follow a script not just in performance (hopefully) but also in real life. 
Imagine yourself seeing the script of your life, reading every word that you use during a normal day. 

Fascinating exercise, right?

Transformation and development is the natural way in which life moves. Nothing stops, everything vibrates (if you understand Hermetism, you know what I mean), so allow yourself to grow and mature.

Each one of us has an unique part in the cosmic play, enjoy your role and polish your script, day by day.

And if you want to re-underestand the importance of script, be sure to check our videocourse "Scripting for Mystery Performers"



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