Quote of the Week: Max Planck .

A fascinating insight from theoretical physicist and Nobel Prize Max Planck, completely in-tune with the Hermetic notion of Mentalism

"The All is Mind, the Universe is Mental"

and in a metaphoric sense, also completely applicable for our own notion of Mentalism as Mystery Performers. We are able to reveal the metaphysical (emotions, thoughts, events from the future) in a physical and mysterious manner.

That is the beauty of Mentalism, it opens the potential of fascinating conversations and interactions, using very simple and powerful technique. As you can understand, we can create a telepathic experience using a plethora of different methods and secrets, that is completely secondary. You can facilitate a powerful telepathic moment using a simple for**ng  technique using playing cards or a more complex method such as billet work. It truly doest matter if you are a competent performer.

Planck is not just suggesting "mind" as an intrapersonal phenomena in this case, but The Mind as human trascendent (The All for Hermetism or Nous for Greek philosophy), so we can also extrapolate in a fascinating manner that when we connect with our participant´s mind, we are actually going beyond this individual sense of mentalization, and we are sharing a collective higher space of interaction. Some people can even say that we connect to The Mind when we perform feats of psychic nature.

As you can see, Mentalism as artform is not just mental tricks. We can transform our own sense of Mentalism through this interesting philosophical and deeeper ways of understanding. 

That is why we offer the Hermetic Mentalism Course, as a follow up of our fundamental "Mentalism Course", so you can expand your understandings and integrate in your performance new ways of applying your performance pieces.

This week, the invitation for you is to reflect about the power that you ALREADY have. You already know a lot of ways to create powerful mentalistic experiences for your participants. Polish your performances, write powerful scripts and share your mysteries!



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