Quote of the Week: Oswald Wirth

A powerful quote from Oswald Wirth, artist and esoteric author, creator of the powerful design of the Wirth Tarot 

We know that words are powerful, but they are limited as signs. Symbols are open, they contain an unique poetic potential that we can integrate in your Mentalism.

As soon as you are able to manage the subtle and indirect power of symbols, your Mystery Performance will be elevated to new levels of authenticity and true realism.

That is why at Mentalism Center we focus not just in the power of verbal language through our publications, but also we push deeper into the mysterious realm of practical symbolism for Mystery Performers.

If you are interested in learning more, be sure to check our section "Symbolic Mentalism"

Observe your performances pieces and re-observe which symbols are you consciously applying on them. As a simple example, before reading the thought of your participant, ask her to project that image inside of a circle.

That simple addition to your telepathic process works like a powerful artifact, if you understand the potential meanings of a circle.

Explore the power of symbols and expand your possibilities!


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