Quote of the Week: Plato

What a beautiful analogy from the master philosopher Plato.

Books are a powerful object that inspires the mind to explore the unknown in a guided manner. Books are physical manifestations of our interests, our passions, thoughts and emotions.

You deserve good books in your library, your home as Outer Reality expresses the Inner Reality of your mind.

If you dont have a personal library, start today! You dont need much money but good self-knowledge time so you can start to get those books that can open your curiosity and creativity. Dont get just Mentalism or Magic books, explore your interests beyond the Mystery Performance arts. Read about different sciences, arts, philosophies and even some mystic/esoteric topics if you are open to them.
From personal experience I can witness the power of going beyond our literature.

If you want to read powerful book, check our "book" catalogue and nurture your mind!



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