Quote of the Week: Richard Webster

Today, a beautiful and powerful insight from the master Richard Webster (from his book "The Psychic Reader’s Toolbox"

How important is to be constantly open to new ideas and ways to understanding. After more than 15 years in the path of the Mystery Performances I can say that there is so much to learn and explore. Every day we can learn not just from others, but most importantly, from our own experiences and insights.

Keep learning means not just "buy everything that is new" but "be open and discern". Consumerism distorts our self-knowledge into a commercial product, our own self-authoring into a discount.

Apply discernment before learning from sources, so you can truly get powerful ideas, and not just a fake attempt to sell you a new sparkly thing.

Remember, charlatans are everywhere. In the psychic business, in politics, in religion and yes, in the marketplace of Magic and Mentalism.

Learn from genuine sources of experience and inspiration, and be constantly open to receive novelty.

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Thanks Richard for being an awesome and authentic source of pure learning. 



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