Homage to Max

Transform your life into art.

Max Maven is not with us anymore,  buy his legacy will be always in our mind.
Mystery Performer, Human Encyclopedia, Prolific Author and above that, kind human being, he was a living example of artistic compromise.

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One of the main reflections that Max inspired me is the ultimate importance of the Outer Reality created for our audience and participants. Of course that our Inner Reality needs to be solid, excellent and flexible, but only that is not enough to create a powerful experience of Mentalism. We need to focus also in the Outer Techniques/Artifacts, in those technical additions that can elevate a performance from a clever trick to a true mental miracle.

Just study his performances and watch his focus during the process of a telepathic connection with the participant. Thats pure gold.

Max left us a huge legacy of inspiration and respect to the art of Magic and Mentalism. Lets keep that spirit alive.

Thanks Max for everything.



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