Quote of the Week: Max Maven

Last week Max Maven left us in physical presence, but his legacy and words are with us. Thanks to the magic of social media, we received a beautiful message after his departure (you can check the full post in his FB profile)

We can do better! We can, as daily exercise of excellence, bring our best into our practice, rehearsal and performance of our mysteries. It is only in me and you the responsibility to create a beautiful moment for our participant and audience.

Be part of the transformation! We can push Magic and Mentalism forward.

Our focus at Mentalism Center is not growing as "business" or being "mainstream" (quite the contrary really) but advancing the state of the art into new realms of authenticity and artistry. Join us, be part of our communities and lets create powerful conversations.

That is why I wrote "Influenced by Max" as a way to follow Max´s words.
Read more in HERE

Thanks Max for your influence, boldness and powerful presence.

(Photo Credit: D.J. Grothe)



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