Quote of the Week: Pablo Picasso

A fascinating insight for our "Quote of the Week" that comes from master painter Pablo Picasso regarding technique.

In our "Online Courses" we always talk about everything that we do in performance as technical in nature (technique is not just sleight of hand). Everything can be improved, every action can be more effective so every action becomes just that, a natural action without any type of technical notion in the Outer Reality.

As you can see in Picasso´s work, he started as any technical artist and then slowly explore with deeper freedom his own expression. He needed first to explore the precise in order to go into the chaotic and authentic.

In the same way for us, in order to find our authentic naturalness we need to learn the tradition, the classic techniques of all four dimensions (learn more about this in Birreal

In your Inner Reality, the more technical options you have, the deeper is your range of possibilities.
In your Outer Reality, the less techniques are perceived, the better. The performance is not an direct expression of your knowledge, but an indirect expression of your understanding.

We need to camouflage every technique so it feels just like a natural action, or an innocent verbal communication.

Explore the deeper power of our technical potential through our "Artifact Trilogy" 

This week, observe your secret techniques and your artifacts, improve them and notice the subtle difference in your performance. 



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