Quote of the Week-Carl Jung


Today we bring the wisdom from the archetypal master Carl Jung and his appreciation to the Inner Reality of Imagination.

Jung is a powerful inspiration that can influence us in our path as Mystery Performers, and we can see that in our videocourse “Jung for Mystery Performers

From the positivist view we assume that reality is something that happens outside , material in nature. That implicit philosophy in which we are leads us to dismiss the mental as irrelevant. The more physical objects you have, the more successful you are, right? 

Well...if you are a student of Mentalism and the Mystery Performances you know that the Inner Reality is the true source of transformation, creation and appreciation. It is from our Psyche from which we can change the Outer Reality. If you prepare your performance piece with excellence and authenticity, you will create a powerful potential effect in your audience.

Physicality is the result or the initial metaphysical movement that comes from our conscious will.

As Jung says, we are indeed constantly experiencing Reality through a Birreal lens.

If you are interested in learning more about this matters, you can get Birreal for free, and my new book “The Path of Mystery” for deeper and expanded reflections.



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