Quote of the Week: Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan is one of those true skeptics and scientist that went beyond the arrogance of scientism, appreciating the inherent mystery in all Nature. 

We are nature and we are full of fascinating mysteries that we can explore in performance. Our audiences and participant are thirsty of mystery, and we are the ones that can offer them a beautiful source of wonders.

The mystery of telepathy as deeper human connection, the mystery of precognition, the mystery of mind over matter and much more. Study the classics, practice your techniques, rehearse your performances and enjoy your interaction with your audience.

As human beings we are blessed (and cursed at the same time) with the gift of language. Language can create or destroy. Choose wisely and learn how to create mysterious atmospheres for your audiences and participants.

Maybe you dont need that new "hot gimmick" that they are selling you, but new understandings to do what you do in a new way. 

Everything contain mysterious potential. Everyday is full of wonderful awe, surprises and synchronicities.

If you are interested in exploring more of these ideas and reflections about the potential of Mystery Performance, be sure to check "The Path of Mystery" (pre-order special price)



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