Mystery (without) Performance

Do you NEED Mystery Performance 
in order to facilitate a mysterious experience?

At the beginning of our path, we feel that we need Magic or Mentalism in order to be a Magician or Mentalist, but with time and experience you will be able to create mystery for others without the fundamental need of performance.


Embrace the mysterious nature of your own being as human and you will be able to appreciate the inherent mystery in everything. 

Dont just do Magic, but BE Magic
Dont just do Mentalism, but BE Mentalism.

This sounds strange, I know, but meditate in that idea from time to time and you will start to understand it.
Everything around you is a fascinating mystery to enjoy. Sadly in our society the unknowing is uncomfortable uncertainty and that leads to anxiety and other sufferings, but we can transform that for others.

As Mystery Performers we can let others enjoy the uncertainty, even without performing but just telling the story of your performances. In that way, just declaring the Outer Reality of the experiences that you can create will be enough to paint a fascinating picture in the mind of your listener:

"The other day I was sharing with a new friend a moment of telepathy. She focused in the name of her mother and we were able to connect telepathically..."

For this is imperative for you to work in your skills as storyteller. See Kreskin telling his amazing feats and you will learn the power of words as stories.

This is the way in which you can create legends. You can even sometimes take some "artistic licenses" and exaggerate some aspects, or just ask someone telling the story of your performance to other. In that manner is the other person telling her/his own version of the experience, which normally deletes the procedures in order to create a simpler story to tell:

"Last year I saw his performance and he did something incredible. He asked someone to take any book and focus in any word. After that he took a blackboard and wrote that precise word!"

(You can do that with our new Holmes Book Test

So as you can see, we can create a mysterious moment just with words. 
Explore that possibility and enjoy the power of language.

If you want to learn other ideas regarding Mystery and our potential as Mystery Performer, be sure to check "The Path of Mystery"




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