Quote of the Week: Arthur Conan Doyle

Mystery is everywhere! Waiting for our mind to be open.

Today, lets receive inspiration by British writer Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the classic Sherlock Holmes  

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Isnt obvious that we are in the middle of a Mystery?

So many beautiful questions to enjoy, so many moments of awe and joy. So many experiences that we can transform through our artistic and expressive endeavours.

The world and the illusion of materialism numbs our soul, that is why Mystery Performance has this huge role in society to be a reminder of the inherent mysterious and magical nature of everything.

Yes, we are entertainers, but that is just the playful excuse. Go beyond and realize your potential to contribute to your world with beautiful experiences of mystery, doing and being Magic and Mentalism wherever you go.

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A hardcover reflection, full color exploration of different insights that can design in yourself a new epistemology of your possibilities as Mystery Performer.

The invitation is for this week to open your sensibility, take a pause and be grateful of all the powerful mysteries that Nature gives us and enjoy your Path of Mystery!


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